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RESONANCIAS   creation 2017

Estefanía Suissa


The idea of Resonancias, a choreographic and sound performance is the fruit of an encounter between the Flamenco dancer, Estefanía Suissa and the Master of Sound, Fabien Aumeunier. This unexpected duo in search of a language that embraces all intonations has now pushed back the frontiers of Flamenco and refuses any separation of genres.

Sound acts as the hyphen of this exchange, and underscores the dialogue between both universes, thus becoming the vehicle for a decidedly contemporary rewriting of Flamenco dance.

Well-anchored within their epoch, -one that ever more questions Mankind and his impact on his environment-, the two artists explore the open fields of creativity by evoking our Earth and its rhythm -but also its unpredictability, its frailty and its disorders, its strength -sometimes cruelty, its roots -and its rootless inhabitants... Now held in suspense, now percussive, the dance feeds on the sounds of this earth, on its music and its silences, on organic sounds and synthetic sounds, bringing them all into play...

Work in progress.


Fabien Aumenier

Choreography, dance

Estefanía Suissa

Sound creation, live music and sound production

Fabien Aumenier

Fabien Aumeunier

Fabien Aumenier was born and raised in the Essonne (Paris region) and followed music classes in his home town for ten years. Meantime, his first synthesisers provided a gateway into the universe of sound creation and electronic music.

Il poursuit ensuite un cursus technique et obtient son DUT d’Electronique en 2000.

He then took technical training, obtained DUT Electronics in Cachan in 2000, and joined the Palais des Congrès in Paris as Assistant and then Sound Engineer under Pierre Dobler (Barclays Studios) There, he encountered the big names in music.

Attracted to all forms of scenic arts, he goes on to cumulate sound creations and light creations, such as: the theatre adaptation of La construction de soi, by Alexandre Jollien in 2009, in the burlesque musical of the Demi-Frères and the Seagirls since 2008, or the adaptation of Jean Teulé's Mangez-le si vous le voulez, a contemporary musical piece which got 2 nominations for the Molières Award in 2014, amongst others.

Convinced that all forms of art are complementary, Fabien Aumenier pursues his aim of drawing out the emotions from each one, to gain inspirations which he then redirects into his own Sound, always mindful of giving them the precise corresponding expression .