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Estefanía Suissa

3rd of June


Creation of the flamenco dancer Estefanía Suissa and the sound performer Fabièn Aumeunièr.

Premiere the 3rd of June


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RESONANCIAS.Estefanía Suissa

Ateliers baile flamenco à Paris

Season 2016 / 2017

22nd and 23rd of April

Next Workshop

"Taranto and Tangos "

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Estefanía Suissa Workshop in Paris

1st and 2nd of April

Workshop in Auxerre

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Estefanía Suissa

Estefanía Suissa was born in Paris. In 1994 she obtained the Diploma of the Ecole Supérieure du Spectacle in Paris after three years of multidisciplinary training in dance, theatre and singing, in which she focussed on dance and choreography. In parallel, she discovered a passion for Flamenco which drew her to Seville in 1994. For the next 6 years she immersed herself in Andalusian culture and studied the fundamentals of baile flamenco; in 1995 she was granted a Ministry of Foreign Affairs scholarship, Bourse Lavoisier. Before developing her own style, Estefanía Suissa worked under the direction of great figures of Flamenco dance such as Andres Marín, Torombo and Eva Yerbabuena.

1995 saw the beginnings of her professional career, and since then she appears very frequently on stage in France and in Seville, both in diverse partnerships with other artistes and in performances of her own shows. She was invited to dance at renowned European Flamenco Festivals in Berlin, in Düsseldorf -in one of dancer Torombo's creations Sembrar…asi sentimos-, in Freiburg, Toulouse, Beziers, at which, impressed by her personality, her work was acclaimed by both professional artistes and the general public. Estefanía is inhabited by a search for precision inspired by the great masters and yet her highly refined dance-style retains a sensitive personal quality that captures the essence of the "here and now".

Her wish to share her universe, her quest, and to deepen her choreographic and aesthetic research into baile, led her to present her first creation "Flamenco…entre nosotros" in 2007, and then Eau de Flamenco in 2011.

Estefanía Suissa belongs to this generation of artistes consumed by curiosity about the times they live in, and she contributes her own sensitivity with a fresh approach to research and creativity.