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Estefanía Suissa

The time given over to the creative phase of a project is essential for me. I am nourished all along the way by being able to share in other artists' spheres: musicians, dancers, choreographers, stage managers -this helps me to progress, to suggest, reconsider and expand my boundaries. Each encounter is unique…a fresh challenge.


Finland tour

In 1995 Estefanía took part in a Finland Tour with dancer Fernando Galan, singer Londro and guitarist Rubin de la Ana.

Le Cid Flamenco

In 2000 she danced in the musical Le Cid Flamenco directed by Thomas le Douarec which played for three months at the Theatre Antoine in Paris followed by a tour of France, Belgium and Luxemburg.

De Mosaíco

Guitarist Enrique Muriel invited her to create a personal show and together with singer Alberto Garcia they created De Mosaico which in 2001-2002 was performed at le Grand Amphitheatre de la Sorbonne, at the Berlin Flamenco Festival, at the Freiburg Festival Flamenco , the Toulouse Festival Flamenco, at the "Un weekend avec elles" Festival and on tour in France.

Aqua Flamenco, Manuel Delgado

She danced in guitarist Manuel Delgado's Flamenco group Aqua Flamenco from 2001 to 2007 for concerts in France, Germany, Switzerland, at the Feria de Beziers in 2006, and the the Festival Nuits flamencas Châteauvallon in 2007.

Festival Flamenco de Toulouse

She danced the first half of the Paquera de Jerez show in 2003 at the Toulouse Flamenco Festival.

Paseo, Daniel Manzanas

In 2003 Estefanía Suissa joined guitarist Daniel Manzanas' group Paseo as solo dancer and choreographer. Her personal research in choreography was influenced by this guitarist's contemporary Flamenco compositions. She helped to produce his CD "Azabache". The show was billed at Festival Don Quijote in Paris 2003, as part of the Toulouse Festival Flamenco 2004, then on tour in France.

La fragua, los 4 elementos, Torombo

Estefanía was a solo dancer in the show "La fragua, los 4 elementos" created by dancer Torombo and performed in 2004 in Berlin's Museumsinsel Festival alongside dancers Marta Debska and Miguelito, guitarists Fyty and Miguel Sotelo, singers Ismael Fernández and Quisco de Alcalá, and percussionist Juan Mateo.

Cuadro Flamenco David Marín

In October 2004 she choreographed and danced the Sevillian guitarist David Marin's compositions at Planète Andalucía.

Jean-Philippe Bruttmann y Compadres

She danced in Jean-Philippe Bruttmann's show at the Théâtre du Ranelagh, Paris in 2004, then on tour in France.

Noche Flamenca

She was a member of the group "Noche Flamenca" whose show was performed in the first half of "Las tres mil viviendas" in the Flamenco Festival of Gimont at the 2005 Internationales de la Guitare and then on tour in France.

Sembrar... así sentimos, Torombo

Dancer and Maestro Torombo invited her to dance in his new creation "Sembrar … asi sentimos" for the 2006 Dusseldorf Flamenco Festival, alongside guitarists Fyty and Miguel Sotelo, singer Ismael Fernandez and Quisco de Alcala, percussionist Juan Mateo and dancers Marta Debska and Michaël Schuldt.


In December 2006 she took part in Bernard Abitbol's project Flamencoriental to fuse together music and choreography in a creation presented at the Institut du Monde Arabe with the Ensemble Terres Mêlées directed by Abel Shams Edinne with dancer Manuel Gutierrez, guitarist Daniel Manzanas, singer Jose Cortés, and percussionist Edouard Coquard.

Etats de F'âme

For the event "Etats de F'âme" in 2005 and 2006 organised by the non-profit organisation Sangs Mêlés Estefanía created two solo dances in which she experimented with a form of choreographic drama which gave the impulse to her own first creation "Flamenco..entre nosotros".

Compagnie Los Payos

Guest dancer for a show by the "Los Payos" Company in Warsaw in 2006


Guitarist Mathias Berchadsky "El Mati" invited her to take part in the musical event Paris-Seville bringing together artistes from Seville and France at the Théâtre de la Reine Blanche, in Paris, October 2007.

Va y Ven

She danced as part of Antonio Ruiz' Flamenco group Va y Ven at Paris Theatre Menilmontant in March-April 2009.

Peñas de Guardia, Seville

In May and June 2009, Estefanía Suissa took part in the Peñas de la Guardia dance-cycle organised by the "Federacion Provincial de Entidades Flamencas de Sevilla" which aims to promote talented young Flamenco artistes. Her dances were accompanied by guitarists David Marín and Eduardo Pacheco and singers Quisco de Alcalá and Juan de Mairena.

Jean Philippe Bruttmann show

She pursued her collaboration with this guitarist in creating a new show, produced at the 2008 Avignon festival, since when the show has been on tour in France and was taken to Uzbekistan in June 2011

In Dance Companies:

She danced in the shows Flamen'ka at the Espace Cardin in 2006 and Flamen'ka Nueva at the Casino de Paris and the Folies Bergères in 2008


"Flamenco... entre nosotros" (2007)

Estefanía Suissa produced her first show "Flamenco …entre nosotros" in which she wished to combine Flamenco with stage-designs, break out of conventional stage-settings and introduce unusual spaces.

In this intimate piece, Estefanía presents a refined, sensitive and personalised dance that captures the "here and now".

Première in Saint-Germain-lés-Arpajons and then on tour in France. In Béziers for the Hivernales flamencas 2008, and in the Festival Flamenco de Toulouse 2010.

Eau de Flamenco (2011)

Impelled by the need to state and interrogate Life through Flamenco dance and innovate in dance-language, she produced an environment stripped to its bare essentials in her second show Eau de Flamenco, deepening her choreographic and aesthetic research into baile.

Première in the Festival Flamenco de la Feria de Béziers 2011.


In 1994 Estefanía Suissa obtained the diploma of the Paris Ecole Superieure du Spectacle after three years' training in dance, theatre and singing.

In 1994 she settled in Seville to study under the great figures of Flamenco dance, with the support in 1995 of the Bourse Lavoisier scholarship.

Up to 2000 Estefanía Suissa continued to train in Seville under the great masters of this dance form, such as Andrés Marín, Torombo, Juana Amaya, Eva Yerbabuena… who enabled her to explore the different streams of baile flamenco, and gradually evolve her own style.